Joanna Smith-Ryland Bags

The Joanna Smith-Ryland bag range boasts three stunning collections of silk patchwork handbags and shoulder bags as shown below, inspired by the beautiful stained glass windows that we find in our Churches and Cathedrals. The window designs gave Joanna a unique opportunity to tell a different story with each new bag, shown in three collections that are: The Big Cat Collection, The Garden Collection and The Jewel Collection. Each bag is lovingly handcrafted with premium silks and soft leather for the handles, straps and trimmings.

Inside the bags have box pleat and zip pockets, leather keyhole zips and are lined with a matching patchwork print fabric.

Black Leopard

Red Leopard

The Big Cat Collection uses silk contrasted with leopard faux fur and a brass stud at each star point on the front. Inside is a box zip pocket, two open pockets with matching printed patchwork lining.

Blue Garden Bag

Pink Garden Bag

The Garden Bag Collection uses a taupe background silk with pastel silk inserts embroidered with flowers and butterflies, and a rosebud at each star point. Inside there is a leather keyhole zip pocket, two open pockets and a magnetic press stud to close the bags.

Green Jewel Bag

Tan Jewel Bag

Purple Jewel Bag

The Jewel Bag Collection uses taupe silk background with brightly coloured inserts with colourful rhinestones at each star point. Inside there is a leather keyhole zip pocket, two open pockets, a magnetic press stud closes the bag and lined with matching cotton patchwork print.

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